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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Eyes of a Woman

The eyes of a woman, will allow you to share her countless joys, yet quietly show you, all her tears. Her eyes will beam to you, all her feminine beauty, yet whisper softly to you of all her hidden insecurities.

The eyes of a woman, will dance their dance, to warn you of her fury, yet offer you sweet forgiveness, within her tearful smile. Her eyes will deliver up to you, her utmost hidden secrets, yet consume you in their limitless mysteries.

The eyes of a woman, will cut you like a knife, yet mend your wounds, with her softer gaze of enduring compassion. Her eyes will assure you, of her intuitive strengths as a woman, yet beckon for you to hold her, offering her shelter, from life’s storms.

The eyes of a woman, will confirm to you, her inner fires that burn with sensual passion, yet search for the needed strength in your own to prove you worthy of her sweet submission.

The eyes of a woman will convey her every need and desired touch, more truly, than her quickened breath, can ever portray. Her hazed eyes of arousal, will silently plead for physical unity, to fill the desires inside her that cries out for your strength.

The eyes of a woman, will share with you a million of her most intimate emotions, when the slow and deliberate unity of bodies has begun. Her radiant eyes will relay to you, her every emotion and sensation, when her hurried breaths of anticipation, have long stolen away her words.

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