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Sedona Raye's Book Reviews

Hi! I'm Sedona Raye, and Roger has graciously allowed me to have a page on his blogspot to post my book reviews.  I read all types of books, from romance, erotica, to mystery and intrigue. I hope you'll visit often to read a few of these reviews.

Book Review 1- Safe With Me Volumes 1-4 by Shaina Richmond

I have to give the first 4 parts of this series a 4.5/5.0 stars.  It is written in a highly unusual fashion, told from various points of view, but in so doing, Ms Richmond has managed to allow the reader to feel what's going on from all points of view. 
I thought it was well written, with a good story line. I felt so sorry for poor Tyler when he fell so hard, fully knowing that Susie was not 'into' the relationship thing. And I had to give him a ton of points for all he did to attempt to change her mind on that point! 
The erotic scenes were very well written, hot, steamy and sexy as hell! Ms. Richmond is a very talented writer and I definitely RECOMMEND this series of books!