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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Good Night Kiss

Holding her up close, her body finds warmth from the dark of the night chill. Her breath grows soft against my chest when she finds her own secret sanctuary in my arms. In her sanctuary her body finds warmth, her cares of life can slip away, allowing her heart to find peace.

With her heart at peace, she allows me to hold and feel the depths of her soul. Though I now hold the sensual body of a woman, she allows me to share the smiles and dry the tears, healing the hurts and sharing the joys of the little girl, who still dwells just beneath the sensual lines of the woman I now hold. 

From the warmth of her sanctuary she lifts her face up to me, allowing the light of the distant moon to show me the beauty of her while her arms cling tight, needing her body ever so close. I move my arms from around her and gently cradle her face in my palms. Her body shivers once more when my lips find hers with the brush of a tender kiss. I move my hands slightly and savor the warmth of her skin as my searching lips move over her face. 

My arms move back to surround her, still savoring the taste of her kiss and smell of her skin. Knowing the many complexities of the body I hold, complexities that make her all that she is, I will allow the rising beat of her heart to tell me of her needs. I will seek the hunger or  tenderness within her kiss to guide me to fulfill her every desire.

Just behind me, my pickup still idles along the curb, reminding me the night is not fully my own.
Breaking our sweet embrace, I remind her that her husband will soon be home soon and I need to get home and write something for my blog...

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